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          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

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There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again
— Elizabeth Lawrence

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Yellowhale Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography using natural light and settings to create pure and captivating images. A professional photographer with a thriving business, Kyung Jung is based in the Washington, DC area. She travels throughout the District, Northern Virginia and Maryland turning life’s precious moments into contemporary and vibrant memories. For more information, please contact Kyung at 202-870-6773 or info@yellowhale.com.


Yellowhale studio news is announced weekly of recent photoshoot, promotion, tips to take great pictures for clients.

5 steps to achieve the best family portraits!

kyung jung

         Kyung Jung at Yellowhale Portraits gives 5 tips for the best family portraits. Produced by Mei Yuzuki at Yellowhale Portraits

Hello my friends!

I am so excited to give you tips on how to achieve the best portraits of your family this year. As a family portrait photographer with 14 years of experience, I have come up with the best way to approach this important process. Many times, my clients call me to schedule a portrait session without knowing what to expect and prepare. I have to walk them through the process with these tips to them to make sure we achieve the best results. Without knowing the purpose of your portrait session, the final outcome may not be at its full potential.

So, the busiest time of the year, portrait season, is almost here. These are the five important steps to follow to achieve your swoon worthy portraits of your family. 


STEP 1. Find your WHY.

Before starting, you have to know why you want the family portrait. It could be a wedding anniversary, a child graduating from kindergarten, or even that you lost 5 lbs. Some of the occasions when my clients call me are when they are expecting, the baby has just been born, her baby's first birthday, her parents' 40th wedding anniversary, her 10th year anniversary, they just moved to their dream house, her child is graduating from high school, the child’s sweet 16, she lost weight, a child just took off braces, she achieved a personal goal, and sometimes just because. I just had a client who booked a cap and gown portrait session for her first child graduating from a high school and ended up finding out that it was her 20th wedding anniversary, as well as her second child's sweet 16! It was their first family portrait for 15 years ago. You will always find a why, but you may just not know it yet. Later on, after time passes, you will have this documentation of life that you can look back on and cherish. There may be many reasons at once, but it is always a priority to identify them.


STEP 2. Define your WHEN

Once you know why, determine what the best time of the year is for you and your family. In terms of events and activities of family members, when is the best time? When is the least stressful time for you? Life gets in the way of the perfect picture. Maybe your kids are on the swim team all summer long and they get totally tanned. Kid's sports team commitment may interfere with all of your weekend schedules during the season. Your work schedule may be too crazy at the moment. I always suggest my clients to plan their family portrait session as a yearly family event which is included in the family calendar – only second to family vacation! My favorite time to take photos with my family is always during the summer – when all my clients are away for their vacation, my kids are out of school, and my studio schedule is not as packed. I love going to different locations to have my family portraits taken, so we tend to pick the season of the year for family portrait in the beginning of the year. You could take your family portraits at the beach one year, and the mountains the next. Always determine your best time for the pictures so that you can relax and enjoy the whole process.


STEP 3. Know how you will enjoy your portraits

Now, what are you going to do with your portraits? What’s the purpose of having them? Hang your pictures up on the wall and celebrate them every day in your home. You’re going to invest your time and resourses into these beautiful portraits, why not make the most out of it by enjoying them every day? Does your family sit down together in the family room all the time? Do you often play ping-pong together in the playroom? Do you spend your morning quiet time in your home office? Where do you enjoy your time together in your home the most? Is your coffee table decorated with meaningful items? Do you miss your little ones when you are at work? Either on the walls of your home or in a portrait album, there are many wonderful ways to be reminded of your beautiful family. 


STEP 4. Find photographers that fit your style.

This step is a unique process for the individual. Look around your home décor and how you dress. For example, if your home is modern and minimalistic, then find a portrait studio that can create the images that fit your style. If your style is classic, there are tons of photographers who create more traditional and timeless images for you. My approach to creating family portraits always comes down to this. It is really important for the images of your family represent your style. If the images are not suitable for the decor of your house or even how you dress, the images are not the best reflection of you. At Yellowhale Studios, we custom design every portrait session for the individual client. From the selection of the location, the color of the outfit, the timing of the day, to the selection of the frames, size, and style of the wall art, and the material of the coffee table books, every step of the way will compliment you and your family.


STEP 5. Schedule your portrait at least 2 months in advance. 

Having enough time to prepare your portrait session will give you more pleasure before and during the portrait session. It’s just like planning a dream vacation. When you know that you will be going to Paris next spring, you will research the location and the weather, and prepare your luggage accordingly. Last minute deals will always have hiccups somewhere. If it is important for you to have a holiday portrait done, you need to get into the photographer’s fall schedule even earlier because fall is the busiest season for photographers. At Yellowhale Portrait Studio, our October schedule is booked in the January of that year. If the portrait is rushed, you may not get the best images. You don’t want to lose this opportunity to capture these precious moments of your children’s youth.


These are the 5 steps to achieve the best family portraits. Now is the time. This year is the year that you want to celebrate your togetherness and the happiness of your family. Good luck!~


xoxo, Kyung

Limited Edition Simplicity Experience

kyung jung

        Behind the scenes of the limited edition Simplicity Experience Sessions by Yellowhale Portraits. Video by Mei Yuzuki

Hello Hello~ Hope you are having an amazing summer!

Just like that ~ August arrived, my favorite month of the year. Before you know it, the kids will be going back to school, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and finally the holidays. With all this excitement ahead of us, August is still relaxing, filled with fun times. Yellowhale Portrait Studio is the perfect place to capture the precious moments of your little ones before life gets in the way.

If you have been thinking of getting a quick update portrait done for your little one's growth, or if you have summer babies, or just because you want to, we have the best news for you. Our fabulous, quick, easy, fun, and amazing Simplicity Experience is here for just TWO more families.

Click here for details.

The spots are very limited, so if you would like to take the opportunity to experience yellowhale the short and sweet way, here is your chance!~ 

Call 202.870.6773 to schedule your session today.



Slow down, Smile, and Enjoy more~!

kyung jung

Yellowhale painting by nanacnese

Yellowhale painting by nanacnese

It is such a special day today.. not only because I am a mom myself, but also I have a mom who is one of the strongest women I know. She had her mom but lost her when she was eight years old during Korean War. My mother grew up raising her little brother and herself in a little town in Pusan, Korea. Once she told me the one wish she had as a child was to call someone "mom". I can not even imagine how one could grow without a mom. As I raise my boys, many moments reminded me of my childhood and how amazing my mom was to me. I wonder how she learned to be that outstanding mother she was who she never had in her life. She promised me that she would be there for me when I am down or disappointed and she kept her promise. Until this day, she is my best friend, my counselor, and my biggest fan!

My mom would convince me to wear the dirty shirt one more day to save a load of laundry by saying I looked really cute in the yellow (pic on the left), and I was confused as you can see in my sad face. ^^ The other two pictures are about my mom's leather jacket. I (pic on the right) am wearing the very jacket that she wore (center pic)  when I graduated from Kindergarten (ha! - we had that graduation back then!). Can you tell that there is 40 years gap in between those pictures? These pictures and this beautiful now vintage leather jacket are so special to me and I will cherish them forever. The little girl on the left had a big dream and my mother taught, brought up, nurtured, and gave everything she could to support that little girl to become the woman on the right who still has a big dream. There were endless ups and downs, we shared laughs and tears, we celebrated every little things and prayed so many nights together. I had the best mother that I could ever hope... 

I know every one of you must have something even more special that remind you of your beautiful and wonderful mom. Tell her how much you appreciate her and what she had done for you and the family. And also love and enjoy your littles even more as they will remember every bit of your love dearly. Let's celebrate it today!

On this special day, I hope that you will slow down, smile, and enjoy more
- xoxo, Kyung
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Yellowhale · Kwak Yoon Chan / 곽윤찬 Yellowhale ℗ 2014 Blueshrimp Released on: 2014-07-31 Producer: Blueshrimp Auto-generated by YouTube.

p.s. I would love to share one more story with you today. Right is what "Yellowhale" sounds like. Try it, it is really amazing. Yellowhale is written and played by the fabulous blue note Jazz pianist Kwak Yoon Chan who found and fell in love with my Yellowhale Story and gave this beautiful song to Yellowhale. There is an amazing story behind how he and I met, but will tell you more next time.

Last minute but amazing gifts that moms will LOVE

kyung jung

Just in a week, it is Mother's Day. I love May because it is the time to appreciate and celebrate the most special person in your life. Both my mom and Luke's mom living far far away- one in Seoul, Korea and the other in Vancouver, Canada, I am used to send gifts at least a week or two ahead of the day. Sometimes (in fact, quite often ^^) I would miss the deadline to ship to get it delivered on time and have to work with their local florist or shops around their homes to make their special days. Gift giving is the finest way of thinking of someone you really appreciate in my opinion. How do you choose a gift for someone special? and how would you present it? Every year, we all try hard to come up with something different that will bring a big smile on the person's face - sometimes, it takes too long so we miss the deadline, right? If you already picked out something, I admire you... but if you wanted it to be so special and still thinking, I have seven fresh ideas for you to consider. Because as you know, I have been working with moms for years and I have tried these gifts and they work! Be the hero of her special day - even if it is not for this mother's day, she will LOVE to receive these beautiful and useful and just for herself kind of special gift. The best part is there is still time to put your action together! I picked out the best boutiques with exceptional customer service that can deliver within 48 hours. These are all from NYC or in DC!   * images below are captured from each business website.

BRUNCH at Ladurée, Georgetown

How pretty and delicious would it be to have a delight brunch at an exceptional place with its own decorative ambiance in the Ladurée style. I know many of my clients LOVE this place in Paris and New York, but did you know that its Georgetown flag shop including its lovely boutique, tea salon, and restaurant on May 2nd - LAST WEEK!!! I can not even imagine how sweet and pretty it is to have a glass of champagne with fresh baked chocolate croissant there. I am pretty sure it will be crowded during Mother's day by the fans who waited long time its grand open - but if you are looking for something beautiful, delicious, and totally Parisian for your loving mom and wife, pick up a box of macarons (& maybe add a bottle of strawberry jam) from Ladurée and present her with a bouquet of few light pink Peonies. She will be so thrilled guaranteed!!!!

Address: 3060 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007
Phone(202) 737-0492  |  Web: https://www.laduree.com/en_int/

Diptyque fragrance

OMG - Diptyque is one of my favorite shops to visit when I go to NYC. Just trying out all different kinds of fragrances makes me feel like I am in heaven. My favorite one is  Tubéreuse room candle. It is so beautifully mixed with heady flower smells. In fact, it is what we lit during your meeting at the studio that you loved. If you are adventurous, you can try three mini candle set custom select from their 34 choices of room fragrances. Or you can go with Doson perfume for daily personal flower dose. Diptyque boutique is in NYC and their shipping is one day to MD, DC, or VA - so you are not too late to place the order on line to receive it on time! If you like, you may visit bluemercury store in Bethesda or Neiman or Barneys to pick out limited selections. You will not go wrong - as every mom I know (I know lots of moms~~!!) loved it! I usually order my candles from Madison Ave, NYC boutique because they have all collections and everything will be delivered in a day or two with no shipping or tax ^^

Web: http://www.diptyqueparis.com/  
Phone: (212) 879-3330 (Madison Ave, NYC boutique) 


OK.. Do I even need to say any word for this jewel of chocolate world? No one in the world would say no to this gift of heaven that lets you discover the marvelous luxury creation of La Maison du Chocolat. Again, all US boutiques are in Manhattan, NY so you can call them and order assortment of its iconic gift box of ganaches, pralines, and almond paste, in mild and dark chocolates. Its iconic gift box of 29 pieces or 41 pieces with a well written card will show how much you care about her. It is by far my favorite kind of indulgences that everyone loves. Order online or call to place your order by Wednesday to receive it the next day. Make sure to keep it in the cool place to make sure the freshness! And oh, if you are running really late, William Sonoma carries few limited selection that you may be able to pick up! Hurry though...^^

Web: http://www.lamaisonduchocolat.us/en_us 
Phone: (718) 361-9161

Nespresso boutique

Coffee is my number one and everyday treat - like many of my clients. Because I am a portrait photographer, I get to visit my clients' home all the time and learned cool people drink cool drinks! HA~ When we take a break during the photo session, I am often offered a nice cup of cappuccino or a shot of espresso and it is so~~~ good. I know many of you who are reading already have NESPRESSO machine at home! But I wanted to include it in my list because they have an amazing offer going on right now. 30% off of all machines, so if you like to give her her own prettiest cup of coffee everyday in her office, you may want to order Vertuoplus White - it is so pretty and compact and quiet and does an amazing job! And have you tried Hazelino?? Oh I fell in love with it.  So smooth and balanced and has a perfect hazelnut infusion... She will smile every time she drinks her afternoon coffee. You can order it on line or call 800-562-1465 24/7 or visit their boutiques near. The delivery takes ONE day - super! They just opened a new location in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, too!

Web: https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/home
Phone: (800) 562-1465 (24/7 customer service)

BAOBAO origami bags and clutches

Whenever I wear this bag, I get tons of compliments from everyone around me - it is definitely a conversational piece! BAOBAO bags are designed by Issey Miyake and made in Japan. Because there is no boutique in the US yet, you will likely be the first one to have this gem among your group of friends! You can order these amazing accessories that will compliment any outfit you may wear, light weight, durable, beautiful, and so functional from their website. My favorite items are LUCENT CLUTCH, and LUCENT BASIC TOTE  (I love them all, but if I had to choose, these two are the best!)
I am not sure how quickly they will deliver if you order from on line shop at this point. But if you really want to surprise her with one of BAOBAO, you may order from Museum Of Modern Art MOMA store in NYC that will ship it for one day. They have few limited selections available on line.

Web: https://www.shopbaobaoisseymiyake.com/ 
Phone: (212) 226-5514

AESOP Skincare

AESOP is an Australian skin care brand loved by so many women in the world. I first fell in love with their handsoap at my friend's place from Melbourne. How lovely and nice it was on my rough and dry hands. Parsley Seed Anity-Oxidant Serum is another one of my favorites among many others.  The 3.4 fl oz last quite long and is only $73! Their mother's day special is free shipping on order of $50 or more until May 9th. If you want to go safer, you can definitely do Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Cream set OMG - who would not love this wonderful (very useful) gift? Plus they JUST opened the DC boutique in Georgetown where you can visit and pick up the gift any day this week. The new shop was designed by Jeremy Deller that shows local heritage of the neighborhood. Amazing boutique shops opened just in time for Mother's day! LOVE!~ 

Web: http://www.aesop.com/usa/
Address: 3275 North M Street NW
Phone: (202) 333-7444

YELLOWHALE Portrait Experience

Last but not least, moms LOVE their children and family portraits. At Yellowhale Portrait Studio, we create unforgettable memories that will be cherished for generations to come. Yellowhale Portrait Experience is unique and personal experience as every portrait session is custom designed from initial consultation to plan sessions to create wall galleries and deliver & install your portraits arts, every step of the way is throughly taken care of so that you can enjoy more. To celebrate this Mother's Day, we have created a limited edition PORTRAIT CERTIFICATE valued at $1000 for just $500. You can redeem $1000 towards your family portrait sessions for the the month of JULY and AUGUST 2017. Five certificates are available and you can CALL 202.870.6773 or EMAIL info@yellowhale.com to order. Here is the detail.  Offer ends on May 13th 2017, orders placed by 5/10 will ship out on 5/11 by UPS, orders placed 5/11~5/13 must be picked up at the studio. 

What it is like to Experience Yellowhale Portrait

kyung jung

Every family has its own story. As a family portrait photographer - I get to enjoy the most beautiful and real family stories from how the couple fell in love, thirty-hour long labor, to first birthday, and so many other episodes. I love being part of the family stories. More over, I want to CREATE unforgettable memories for them to cherish. 

Today, my client, Jennifer and Sung visited the studio for the Big Reveal presentation of their family portraits photographed three weeks ago. We had planned this special celebration since January, selecting the style, color, location, what to wear. Jennifer and I share so much in common (like all other moms out there! ^^) how much we love our children and what the family means to us. So the designing her photo session was quite similar to what I would have done for my own family. Their children are pre teens and it is the stage where they start to feel uncomfortable smiling at the camera or hugging or kissing their mom and feel a little shy about being in front of the camera.  As I understood, her main focus of the photo session was to capture the children's natural smile (not posed or forced) and show the love of the family.  I had planned to play a little game with them to relax and have fun during the session. The session took place at the studio to create a modern, yet formal look that will go really well with her living room decor. I loved how everything we planned came together at the session and the result turned out exactly how she wanted!

Below is a short video clip that I was able to capture during the REVEAL presentation and I so wanted to share it with you all. I took this video with my iphone with their permission. ^^

After she left the studio, I received a little note from her saying...

Thank you Kyung!

You have far exceeded my expectations!! And I had high expectations too.. haha! You have captured the love in my family... the great love and joy we have for each other and from each other. You have captured them all in your images. You are so gifted! And a special thank you for capturing my son Nathan. Your images display what I see when I look at him. When I asked Nathan “Do you recognize yourself?”, he said “no” and I told him “This handsome young man is you my Nathan! This is exactly what you look like in real life!”. Your pictures are treasures that we will cherish forever. From beginning to end the whole experience was a wonderful one and the results speak for themselves. Thank you so much!

— Jennifer

I am so so so happy to be able to give the family the most beautiful images to cherish and see what their love and happiness is like. Below is some of my favorite images from their portrait experience.

Jen and Sung, thank you so much for letting me be part of your life journey. Being there to document what is already beautiful was my privilege and I am grateful for that. When this image is magnificently installed over your mantle, not only your children but also everyone who visits your lovely home will be reminded of love and joy shines through the portrait. - Kyung

I can not believe it is already MAY (one third of the year 2017 has passed already!).

If you are interested in reserving your family portraits this spring, I still have our $99 Portrait Special sessions available for June. It is an amazing value and would be a perfect gift for the MOM you love for Mother's Day (May 14th!). You know mothers like Jennifer and myself, we would die to receive our children's portraits as a gift than anything...  CALL 202.870.6773 to schedule your session and click HERE  for more information.