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          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

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There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again
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Yellowhale Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography using natural light and settings to create pure and captivating images. A professional photographer with a thriving business, Kyung Jung is based in the Washington, DC area. She travels throughout the District, Northern Virginia and Maryland turning life’s precious moments into contemporary and vibrant memories. For more information, please contact Kyung at 202-870-6773 or info@yellowhale.com.

Not Just Headshot

NOT JUST HEADSHOTS - Branded Professional Portraits


As a portrait studio photographer, I hear from my clients that they never like being photographed, they are not photogenic at all, they just gained 15 LBs, they want to get fit first before the photo shoot, they always have triple chins, and the list is going on and on... It is not only for their family portrait session, but more for their headshot session. So many of you must have thought of getting a nice headshot done for professional or personal use at one point, but your hair dresser just messed up your bang, or just life got so busy with other stuff...and ended up not getting your pictures taken. Trust me, you are not alone!

But the truth is : Looking good in photos is rather a technique, and you can conquer it with a little help that will bring out the best look you already have. Often times, your photographer (me) will find your better side, perfect poses, natural expressions, most flattering light, and nicer angle for you. With this help, tools, tips, and tricks, you will feel confident in front of camera, just like cover models you see in the magazines.

I have been working with professionals and business owners creating images that shows their personality and their characters that shapes their first impression on line. In modern society, setting a confident and positive first impression is done through the screen. Whether it is your LinkedIn, Facebook, or a website, your image will set that impression of who you are. You don't want to use a cropped image from your last vacation family pic for your first interview!

When I work with individual Branded Headshot client, connection is the most important part of the project. To make the connection between you and your audience, your authentic self must shine through the image. My goal is to bring out your story by creating the atmosphere that will make you feel natural, confident, and beautiful. And I promise you, you will have fun doing it!

I have a few examples of Branded Professional Headshots I did last year and what my clients had to say about the images below. My approach to each session is unique as their purpose and need for their branding is totally different. If the business has a brand color scheme or feel, your images must project the same feel. If you are a contributing writer to multiple magazines, your image must carry your personality and yet must be well fit with various websites. If your images are for your personal page or social media profile, the images can represent your lifestyle and general mood rather than a professional feel. None of these are something that you consider as traditional headshots (nor a passport shot), but these are professional, natural, confident, and beautiful, just like who you are. 

Depending on what you need, we will plan from the look, what to wear, hair and make up, when and where, natural or artificial light, and how to pose.. before your photo shoot so you are WELL taken care of. The experience is amazing and you will feel more focused and reassured. All my headshot clients are not only getting their must have professional looks, but also finding few extra fun and beautiful personal images through the experience. 

It is your time to shine~ I can not wait to meet with you soon.


Special Adviser to Vice Chairman for Supervision - Mona Elliot at her linkedin profile

I hired Kyung as my professional headshot photographer after getting several leads from friends. What stood out for me was Kyung’s dedication to capturing more than just an expected image of a professional woman. She took the time to understand my personality, experience, and vision for my future. Kyung helped me to design a photo shoot that varied my image to suit different purposes - from highly professional and formal to fun and less structured. Because of her range, I’ll use my headshots for professional profiles, social media, and speaking engagements.  Regardless of the purpose, Kyung’s goal was always to convey a sense of warmth and approachability.  And the time we spent together was so much fun! Kyung knew how to bring out the best in me, and took her time to get every detail right, from the lighting to my wardrobe to the mood. 

Kyung is tireless in her pursuit to capture a person’s individuality, and I would recommend her again and again to anyone looking for first-rate, individualized photos. 

Style expert, Author, Speaker - Lauren Rothman at styleauteur.com

Hair / Beauty Stylists - Bella Moda at www.bellamodasalonspa.com/

IP Law Firm Lawyers and Staffs - Kelly IP at www.kelly-ip.com/

Corporate executive members - Thermo Fisher at www.thermofisher.com

Orthodontic Doctors and Staffs - LM Smiles at www.lmsmiles.com

Family Dentist - David Paino at www.viennafamilydental.com

Art installation expert / Frame designer - Meredith Forte at www.frameavenuedesign.com

Adult and child sleep strategist/ life coach - Annika Brindley at www.annikabrindley.com

Annika is a Sleep Strategist for children and adults. She helps to create clear strategies, to bring support, to empower and guide adults to solve their challenging sleep issues such as insomnia. She has fifteen years of sleep teaching experience, meditation and spiritual training as well as professional life coach training. Her Branded headshot images were created to show her mindful, supportive, warm and empowering personality.  She is a truly inspirational professional that I got to work with. For more of her work, please visit www.annikabrindley.com

Kyung is truly one of the most talented women I know. Her images of my Branded Headshots are not only stunningly beautiful, but they capture and tell my story. Kyung has a gift for portraiture beyond what one can learn, her images and creativity are truly intuitive.

Baby Nursery and Child bedroom designer - Dana Evans at www.EverlyandMonet.com

Dana is the owner and designer of Everly & Monet (a design studio of Daisy Baby) in the heart of Bethesda, MD. She work with families with babies and children to create uniquely designed rooms. Her strength comes from her over 12 years of design experience creating over 1000 nursery and big kids rooms. Her Branded Headshots were created to show her easygoing, supportive, loving, and friendly characters as she believes in keeping things simple is the key to success in designing new room. Her expertise and experience will make your dream nursery come true with ease. For more of her work, please visit www.EverlyandMonet.com

Booking headshots with Kyung is not your typical corporate directory picture. It is so much more then just a headshot. Lifestyle image would be a better description of what she creates. That is why working with someone with her talents is crucial. She has a kin sense of understanding what these images need to portray. They need convey who I am as a person well as my business showing. The inner joy my work gives me.

Personal Shopper / Stylist - Jenn Roberti @ JLR Fashion Stylist

Most of Roberti’s clients are women in their mid thirties or older—professionals and stay-at-home moms—but she also works with men and has styled wedding parties. She chooses various designers and styles to build her clients' long term wardrobe building that will allow them to look put-together year after year. It is important for her to show her casual and yet elegant style in her Branded Headshot images. Also the colors of the images were selected to work with various media outlets as she often contribute her style and trend advices. Her style is unique and timeless, contact her for more information at jenroberti@yahoo.com

I think Kyung is the best editorial/portrait photographer in the area. I wanted my images to be more styled and editorial as I contribute style advices to various media outlets and Kyung did an amazing job! I love them all.

Leadership Coach - Roberta Bantel  @ www.robertabantel.com

Roberta is the founder of Roberta Bantel & Friends, LLC specializes in leadership development. Her company provides leadership training workshops to companies and her focus is to support individual motivation and awareness of the impact a leader has in teams and people around him/her. Many times her company work with multicultural corporates. Her Branded Headshot images were created to highlight her genuine and approachable personality as a coach. Anyone who meets her will feel her warmth and inviting characters right away and my focus was to portray them through the images. For more information about her work, please visit www.robertabantel.com

Kyung is an outstanding photographer! I just love my Branded headshots! Kyung understand what I need and she planned and prepared outfits to wear ready for the session as I was flying in to DC for the session. She gave such wonderful service and she knows how to bring my best smile out! Thanks to Kyung for everything!