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          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

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There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again
— Elizabeth Lawrence

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Yellowhale Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography using natural light and settings to create pure and captivating images. A professional photographer with a thriving business, Kyung Jung is based in the Washington, DC area. She travels throughout the District, Northern Virginia and Maryland turning life’s precious moments into contemporary and vibrant memories. For more information, please contact Kyung at 202-870-6773 or info@yellowhale.com.


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Best Wishes to You and Yours!

kyung jung

Another year is coming to an end.

Personally and professionally, 2018 was the busiest year of all for us. I am so grateful profoundly to new and old families - and to make wonderful friends at the studio and to have healthy and happy teen boys ( both are taller than me now ~ surprise!) at home.

There are so many reasons to be thankful, but most of all, I want to thank you all for your trust and support. Thank you so much. It became such a sweet ritual to make my yearly holiday ornaments for all our clients this time of the year. When I decorate my Christmas tree with those familiar happy faces, it just remind me of how much love and happiness that there was to capture.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with me. I can not wait to catch up with you in the new year! Wishing you the very special holidays and the most exciting new year!

photo by Wilde Sparrow Photography, Hawaii

photo by Wilde Sparrow Photography, Hawaii

Here is my holiday family picture of the year. The picture was taken when we went to Big Island last summer. Like Dr. Seuss said once, "you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory," it is so true every moment counts... and when I look at this picture of us, there are fireworks bursting in my heart with joy and thanks. With all said, I want all YWP family and friends to have the most value of memories to treasure.

Much love from my family to yours.


A Very Special Wedding

kyung jung

Today, I want to share a very special wedding with you. As I am watching the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan on TV, it was so beautiful to see the overflowing love and joy of the couple and the blessings pouring over them. I wish them the best on this wonderful journey, as you build their new lives together. What a special wedding it is! It is almost like a fairy tale - it is just so lovely to see them in love and surrounded by the whole world watching and blessing them...

As you all know, I am not a wedding photographer, but I had done a handful weddings so far for my family friend, siblings of my current client, and my own family members'. And today, I wanted to share my most recent and the most special wedding that I photographed last year. Just because the H + M's Royal Wedding brought me the whole memory of the most amazing day of my brother and his wife.

I know I am biased, my brother and my sister-in-law are the cutest couple to my eyes. Anderson House location was truly amazing to photograph my special couple in. More over, when we arrived there, the fascinating Solar Eclipse just started to happen and I was so lucky to capture the astonishing scene with this couple.

At first,  I could not tell what is happening with my bare eyes. It just felt extremely quiet, I mean there was no bird or any little critters movement at the time. When I start to look through the camera lens, I started to notice the shape of the shadow was different, and the color of the light was definitely cooler. I did not have a chance to discuss it with other photographers, but the shape and the color temperature of the light were dramatically unusual to photograph. I could say - it was almost like in mid day full sun, yet had a in shade temperature? The most amazing thing is that we did not plan this out at all. We had no idea the solar eclipse will happen at the time and date of his wedding when we schedule the wedding day and location a year before.

You can definitely tell the shape of the light that came through the the window is quite interesting. There are so many little croissant shape lights scattered all of the dance floor. I was asking myself, "How many couples in the whole world got the solar eclipse in their wedding pictures?" Indeed, it was a very special wedding because it was my loving brother's, but also it was the most unforgettable event I ever photographed with the Solar Eclipse.

Congratulations again to my brother and his beautiful wife! And of course to the prince Harry and Meghan for their wedding today! 



My turn

kyung jung


Frankly, I had never used my big camera to take my boys' pictures until very recently. I had done it few times when they had big events at school - I would take my long lens and big camera to photograph the event.

When they were young, they hated when Mom took her big camera out because that meant it was time for her to leave and go to work. And for many years, they showed no interest in being photographed by their mom. It was also hard for me to pick up the camera and “work” with my own children because the time I have with them is limited to when I am not supposed to work. I also never take the big camera when we travel because I want to live in the moment instead of capturing what I see through a lens. Luckily, my phone comes in handy dandy to capture those precious memories.

We have done family portraits by wonderful photographers for last ten years, so the documentation of our family has been well kept. But it was this year, when they went from playing with Legos and watching the Magic School Bus to finding their passion for their instruments when I realized I needed to capture an image of them myself.

As a mother, watching your kids doing something that they love is so rewarding. As a musician (I play piano^^), listening to your children playing their instruments is pure joy. As a photographer, capturing their passion and love is the undeniable mission.

Last summer, when they auditioned for youth orchestra, I made up my mind to finally pick up my camera to work with them. So one evening, I brought my boys to the studio, and we had a blast playing music and taking pictures. I wanted to share the result with the world. Now I feel that motherly pride first hand –it was one of the most rewarding "WORKS" I have ever done.



Slow down, Smile, and Enjoy more~!

kyung jung

Yellowhale painting by  nanacnese

Yellowhale painting by nanacnese

It is such a special day today.. not only because I am a mom myself, but also I have a mom who is one of the strongest women I know. She had her mom but lost her when she was eight years old during Korean War. My mother grew up raising her little brother and herself in a little town in Pusan, Korea. Once she told me the one wish she had as a child was to call someone "mom". I can not even imagine how one could grow without a mom. As I raise my boys, many moments reminded me of my childhood and how amazing my mom was to me. I wonder how she learned to be that outstanding mother she was who she never had in her life. She promised me that she would be there for me when I am down or disappointed and she kept her promise. Until this day, she is my best friend, my counselor, and my biggest fan!

My mom would convince me to wear the dirty shirt one more day to save a load of laundry by saying I looked really cute in the yellow (pic on the left), and I was confused as you can see in my sad face. ^^ The other two pictures are about my mom's leather jacket. I (pic on the right) am wearing the very jacket that she wore (center pic)  when I graduated from Kindergarten (ha! - we had that graduation back then!). Can you tell that there is 40 years gap in between those pictures? These pictures and this beautiful now vintage leather jacket are so special to me and I will cherish them forever. The little girl on the left had a big dream and my mother taught, brought up, nurtured, and gave everything she could to support that little girl to become the woman on the right who still has a big dream. There were endless ups and downs, we shared laughs and tears, we celebrated every little things and prayed so many nights together. I had the best mother that I could ever hope... 

I know every one of you must have something even more special that remind you of your beautiful and wonderful mom. Tell her how much you appreciate her and what she had done for you and the family. And also love and enjoy your littles even more as they will remember every bit of your love dearly. Let's celebrate it today!

On this special day, I hope that you will slow down, smile, and enjoy more
- xoxo, Kyung
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Yellowhale · Kwak Yoon Chan / 곽윤찬 Yellowhale ℗ 2014 Blueshrimp Released on: 2014-07-31 Producer: Blueshrimp Auto-generated by YouTube.

p.s. I would love to share one more story with you today. Right is what "Yellowhale" sounds like. Try it, it is really amazing. Yellowhale is written and played by the fabulous blue note Jazz pianist Kwak Yoon Chan who found and fell in love with my Yellowhale Story and gave this beautiful song to Yellowhale. There is an amazing story behind how he and I met, but will tell you more next time.

YELLOWHALE - the story behind the name...

kyung jung

Almost all of my clients ask me why my business name is Yellowhale. The story behind it has been posted on the website since 2004 when I began the journey, but I wanted to share it with you again today because I just received the most beautiful watercolor drawing of the yellow mother whale and her calf from my friend artist Canan Esen. Isn't it perfect?

With Ethan, Feb 2003

With Ethan, Feb 2003

It all began when my first son, Ethan was born fourteen years ago. My husband and I were filled with the joyous anticipation of raising a little boy. However, when he was born with an unexpected medical condition, we needed to obtain treatment for him in another country, and this required our family to be separated for ten months. It was when he was just over three weeks old when we left home and when I started photographing his daily life (from waking up in the morning to go to bed at night) to keep my husband intimately involved in his growth. I had SONY cybershot digital camera with 32mb memory stick that could not even record a video then. There was not much function except AUTO or portrait, even if there was, I would not care much. The purpose of my photo shoot was to document my son's daily life to show my husband when we were far away from each other. However, I felt helpless (defeated) when the baby in the pictures was not as beautiful as he is in real life. In fact, it did not even look like him... When I emailed them to my husband, I would explain by words about how much more handsome he was in person. 

Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.
— Linda Wooten

By the time Ethan became a couple months old, I started to look for a better way to capture his fun personality and look with the camera. Finding information on line, reading photography books, using my sister's SLR camera to experiment different ways to take better pictures of him. I had a mission to show the REAL life and look of my son to his father! Ten long months later, he finally got better and we were able to come back home to reunite as a family. To this day, my husband knows every details of our life during those months because of these images. Even when we were not physically together, we were able to share our life together. Those moments meant so much to me that we decided to exhibit our journey to our friends and family when Ethan turned one. We made a slide show made out of hundreds of images and displayed framed pictures on a gallery wall where we had his first birthday party hosted. Many of our friends came and celebrated his birthday and his full recovery with us and some asked me to photograph their babies because they loved and were inspired by my story! That's how I started my photography. 

With Ethan, Oct 2016 photographed by Millie Holloman

With Ethan, Oct 2016
photographed by Millie Holloman

This journey inspired my love of photography not only as an art, but as an intimate way to tell a family’s story. As more and more people contacted me for baby photography, I had to make a website with a domain name to show samples and other information in one place. One evening, I watched a documentary on Humpback Whales and immediately connected with the intensely loving and sacrificial bond between the mother and calf. The mother whale migrate thousands of miles to a shallow and warm water to give birth and raise the young calf until it learns how to swim and breathe and grow strong enough to swim back to arctic ocean where there is food for them. She would starve while taking care of the baby because there is no food for the mom to eat in shallow warm water for fourteen months after the baby is born. She barely have just enough energy to go back home by the time they can swim home together.. 

The story of the Humpback Whale caught my heart. I instantly connected to the relationship between the mother and her calf. The story paralleled my life as my son received care and became healthier, stronger, and more independent. There is so much LOVE and GIVE in the story of Humpback Whales. I knew every mother would have done the same for her child.

I have chosen the name “Yellow Whale” for my photography because the color YELLOW (of passion fruit!) represents my passion for photography and WHALE represents mother's love. Yellowhale combined the important vision of the Humpback Whale bravely teaching her young the lessons of life so it too one day could forge a life filled with brilliance and strength. and I hoped to portray the love and connection among family through beautiful images. 

The year 2017 is Yellowhwale's 13th year photographing babies, children, and families around the world. and I am so grateful for the opportunities I had to connect and celebrate the love and togetherness with all our friends. THANK YOU and I appreciate you and want to give back.

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And again, I really thank you Canan Esen for the amazing water color painting.